Employing In-House VS an Agency Explained

Choosing between a private marketing agency or hiring in-house talent can be tough.

Here is a comparison of each to make your choice that much easier:


Hiring an in-house marketing team has the potential to promote your business in an efficient and specialized way. By having a qualified team on-hand to work on your marketing goals, you can count-on brand loyalty, fast turn-around times for projects, and the freedom to hand-select the best candidates for your business.

But building a specialized team of experts takes a lot of time and energy. Plus building your own team of in-house marketing specialists can also be astronomically expensive. Beyond the full time salaries, you will need to provide adequate office space and tools such as photo and video editing software which can cost you thousands of dollars in annual fees.


Although the upfront costs of hiring a Marketing agency may seem more expensive, they prove to be far more cost-efficient by eliminating the background costs of hiring in-house. Agency experts already possess the advanced tools and knowledge that keep your marketing strategies ahead of the game and worth the extra expense.

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